04 March, 2024

First Edition of the International Employment Lawyers Conference

We are delighted to inform that the 2024 Paris Conference, to be held on 5 April 2024, has piqued a high interest. We have currently 50 spots available before reaching maximum capacity so if you haven't already, it's time to pre-register now.

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29 March, 2022

Global Mobility Conference

Madrid Bar Association and IELA (International Employment Lawyers Association) are launching a new training course: Global Mobility at the conference room of the Madrid Bar Association on April 21, 2022.

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06 April, 2021

Tax rules in Spain and European Union

In the UE country where you are considered resident, you should be taxed like a national citizen (under the same conditions according to the Equal treatment principle).

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25 March, 2021

Income tax for posted workers

Do you know to which country should you pay taxes as an European posted worker? If your work assignment was for less than six months, you will not be liable to pay income tax in your country of destination.

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16 March, 2021

Firing an enmployee in Spain

Many foreign companies find themselves in serious trouble with the Spanish Employment Courts after they have fired an employee. In Spain, to fire un employee has a legal right to appeal his dismissal in court. The courts with then qualify the dismissal as fair, unfair or void.

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03 March, 2021

Unfair dismissal in France

In France, the dismissal must be notified in writing, with an explanation of cause, and the date in which it goes into effect.

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24 February, 2021

Double tax treaties and equality for tax residents in the EU

For a European posted worker or expat, it is possible to be under two different tax jurisdictions at the same time. If their earnings come from two or more countries, they could owe two different national taxes.

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10 February, 2021

Tax residence for expatriates and posted workers

Do you know where you may be considered tax–resident, and therefore taxable? If you stay abroad for more than 6 months do you have to pay taxes in your home country?

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02 February, 2021

Posted workers

There are more than 2 million employees in the European Union today, who work outside of their home-country, representing one of the largest and most challenging expatriate populations in Europe.

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27 January, 2021

Colective redundancies in Spain

If you are planning a collective redundancy, you must begin consultations with staff representatives in advance. During the consultation with staff representatives you should discuss different options to avoid the lay-off, or at least to reduce the number of staff affected.

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