The activities of IELA as an association include offering consulting and marketing services to its members, the creation of an international network of lawyers, and the organization of conferences, congresses and awards for the best labor lawyers.


As one of its essential objectives, IELA is dedicated to the creation of an international professional network of legal professionals, which will allow it to gain notoriety and increase its client portfolio.

The way in which this internationalization will be developed rests on three pillars:

  • The annual organization of an international congress.
  • Creation of a promotional space for each member with a careful presentation of the relevant data of their activity, produced and edited by IELA.
  • Specific marketing campaigns aimed at companies and individuals around the world.

We believe that new technologies, the image and reputation on the networks, the brand marketing of firms and the creation of streaming content have come to the legal sector to stay. And they will become more and more important and decisive.

To meet this challenge, IELA has its own audiovisual production company for legal content to produce all types of television programs, video reports, interviews aimed at social networks, online courses and production of events and audiovisual marketing activities for professionals in the legal sector.

We also have the best equipment and a collaboration agreement with some important studios in Madrid.


To make powerful campaigns in social networks and media that benefit all partners. The more we are, the more resources we have to make impact advertising campaigns that benefit all IELA members.

One of the advantages is that such mutualization allows us to reach promotional campaigns in which an individual member could not reach or would find it significantly more expensive. Such campaigns will always be supervised by the members in order to reach a common agreement on their suitability.

Our discipline is a subject in constant evolution. But essentially it is decisive to know the good practices and the comparative law that has been applied in other jurisdictions.

Not so much because we are able to know in depth each labor jurisdiction in each country, but rather to establish reliable and regular contacts with local partners that allow us to have a thorough knowledge of the essential modifications of each jurisdiction. The IELA Training Department is focused on this objective.


Every year, IELA will choose a location in a part of the planet to hold its annual congress, an event with a marked internationalist spirit.

The choice must be made by the Association's Executive Committee, and will take into account the proposals of the members and the offers that some of them make to host the activity in their location.

Today many awards are given, of very different types and geographical scope, some given by ad hoc juries, others by the very institution that grants them, without further explanation.

The basic principle on which the award for Best International Labor Law Lawyer of the Year is based is the democratization of the award, that is, that the entire community of specialists participate in its recognition and appointment with a clear criterion of participation by IELA members. It will be they who value who should receive such a distinctive honor.