16 March, 2021

Firing an enmployee in Spain

Many foreign companies find themselves in serious trouble with the Spanish Employment Courts after they have fired an employee. In Spain, to fire un employee has a legal right to appeal his dismissal in court. The courts with then qualify the dismissal as fair, unfair or void.

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03 March, 2021

Unfair dismissal in France

In France, the dismissal must be notified in writing, with an explanation of cause, and the date in which it goes into effect.

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27 January, 2021

Colective redundancies in Spain

If you are planning a collective redundancy, you must begin consultations with staff representatives in advance. During the consultation with staff representatives you should discuss different options to avoid the lay-off, or at least to reduce the number of staff affected.

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13 January, 2021

Unfair dismissal consequences in Spain

In Spain, more than seventy per cent of dismissal cases are considered “unfair”. What are the consequences for unfair dismissal in Spain, for companies and employees?

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05 January, 2021

Dismissal in Spain

Did you know that over four-hundred thousand people are fired in Spain every year? 30% of these dismissals are not done in writing. How does employee dismissal work in Spain?

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