Posted workers

02 February, 2021

There are more than 2 million employees in the European Union today, who work outside of their home-country, representing one of the largest and most challenging expatriate populations in Europe.

The latest directive regarding posted workers in Europe introduced main changes:

  • Posted workers receiving all of the mandatory elements of compensation, rather than a “minimum wage.”
  • Application to posted workers, of the rules of the receiving EU country regarding workers’ accommodation, allowances, or reimbursement of expenses during the posting assignment.
  • Maximum 12 months secondment, for long-term postings, with the application of six month extended period. Above and beyond that period, companies have to set local rules issued by the receiving EU country. 

The Directive must be written into national laws by July 30th of 2020 and cannot be applied before that date.

These new rules do not apply for the road transport sector.